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Walk through these European Entryways & never look back

Just as eyes are the gateway to the soul, entryways are the gateway to your little paradise and a reflection of a home’s interior. From simple to heavily carved, you can’t go wrong with natural limestone entryways. You are sure to find designs that suit all styles from minimalist, French country, Tuscan, Mediterranean, Italian, Roman, Coastal, Greek, English Tudorian and many more. Take a look … Continue reading Walk through these European Entryways & never look back

Gorgeous Tuscan Homes; Rustic &Refined

A Tuscan interior is one of the most sought after styles because of its attractive Old World European charm that can be incorporated into the modern-day home open layouts. It’s inspired by the Tuscany region of central Italy, which includes the historic cities of Florence, Siena, and Pisa and is considered the origin of the Italian Renaissance so reasonably, this style resembles it in its … Continue reading Gorgeous Tuscan Homes; Rustic &Refined

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Limestone Design Ideas for Creating the Perfect Outdoor Escape

If you’re looking to create exquisite relaxing outdoor retreats, then check out the below ideas and pictures of artfully incorporated limestone architectural elements in landscapes. These elements can be used to cozy entertaining spaces or as accents for your patios, gardens, terraces, backyards, front yards and courtyards. Limestone is a sedimentary rock that is very long lasting, durable and withstands extreme weather climates with minimum … Continue reading Limestone Design Ideas for Creating the Perfect Outdoor Escape

Inspiring modern homes with rustic charm

The new trend in interior design is catering to the comfort and convenience of modern styling with a rustic twist. Open floor plans, modern furniture and natural stone architectural elements compose the defining character of a modern rustic area transporting your home back to the Neolithic era.   The Interior Warm earth tones and large windows are dominant throughout this elegant yet comfortable style. You … Continue reading Inspiring modern homes with rustic charm