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17 Decorative Backyard Ideas

If you are looking for natural and unique backyard design ideas then check out these inspirational photos incorporating natural stone elements from flooring, cladding, fire pits, pool fountains, wall fountains, outdoor sinks and barbecues. There is something for every style from Tuscan Mediterranean, rustic, French country, French Provence to modern neolithic. All modern and reclaimed stone elements are custom hand carved, making each piece absolutely unique. … Continue reading 17 Decorative Backyard Ideas

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Limestone Design Ideas for Creating the Perfect Outdoor Escape

If you’re looking to create exquisite relaxing outdoor retreats, then check out the below ideas and pictures of artfully incorporated limestone architectural elements in landscapes. These elements can be used to cozy entertaining spaces or as accents for your patios, gardens, terraces, backyards, front yards and courtyards. Limestone is a sedimentary rock that is very long lasting, durable and withstands extreme weather climates with minimum … Continue reading Limestone Design Ideas for Creating the Perfect Outdoor Escape