The Best of Sink Designs

Whether you are looking for a sink for your bathroom, powder room, indoor or outdoor kitchen, utility room, or bedroom; natural limestone, marble and basalt are durable and beautiful options. Limestone’s earth tones, raw and rustic yet refined nature and durable material make it both practical and aesthetic and adaptable to any style from Mediterranean, rustic to modern. It can be hand-carved into basically any … Continue reading The Best of Sink Designs

Old-World kitchen styles that never get old

Kitchens have evolved from being purely functional to becoming the focus of today’s homes. They most often double as family rooms and offices and in today‚Äôs growing trend of open spaces, they portray the style of the rest of your home. The design and style are first set through the basic elements; counter tops, flooring, kitchen hoods, sinks before the furnishings and accessories. So what … Continue reading Old-World kitchen styles that never get old