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20 Majestic Mantels

Fireplace mantels are so diverse in style that you are bound to find one that suits your taste and style from English, French, Gothic, Medieval, Mediterranean, Torricelli, Italian to rustic. Check out the below pictures for some intricately hand carved limestone mantel inspiration. Indulge yourself in our wide selection of architectural stone elements Call us at: (437) 800-8300   Continue reading 20 Majestic Mantels

Outdoor Exterior natural stone reclaimed rustic old world limestone wall cladding veneer Tuscan canada ca

Dress Up Your Home Exterior in Style!

Your home’s exterior reflects your style and character and its the first thing people see. So; other than the obvious of looking for durability and minimal maintenance; the exterior deserves as much attention to beauty and detail as the interior. Limestone; by nature; is dense and durable and able to withstand severe climate change with minimal maintenance. Its natural beauty lies in its multi-colored earth … Continue reading Dress Up Your Home Exterior in Style!

Antique Rustic Old world wine cellar salvaged reclaimed limestone ceiling and flooring

Bottoms Up !!! Amazing Wine Cellar Ideas

A wine cellar is about more than just the wine! It’s about the experience of choosing just the right wine for the occasion in the perfect setting. It’s the details of the decor that make it more pleasurable; from hand carved limestone wine glass holders, troughs and sinks, tasting tables, wine racks, shelves, niches, keyholes and arches to the stone flooring, wall cladding and ceilings. … Continue reading Bottoms Up !!! Amazing Wine Cellar Ideas

Inspire Your home With These 5 Game of Thrones Interior Design Ideas

When you think of epic fantasy, HBO’s Game of Thrones instantly comes to mind. With such a gorgeous plausible medieval setting featuring ancient castles, forts, monasteries and ports across Croatia, Northern Ireland and Scotland, Iceland, Morocco and Spain; it’s no wonder it has influenced our interior design. From House Stark to House Lannister and all across the seven kingdoms and free cities, the general stylistic … Continue reading Inspire Your home With These 5 Game of Thrones Interior Design Ideas

Gothic Medieval Game of Thrones style castle entrance with reclaimed limestone stair steps flooring wall cladding roman arches and rustic wood

From HBO’s Game of Thrones to Regina Canada; A castle out of Westeros

Who isn’t captivated by the medieval era, a time of kingdoms, nobility, knights and castles. Architects, designers and Game of Thrones fans would certainly testify to this fascination. Well the good news is; you don’t need a time machine to experience this era’s charming architecture, you can visit Stone Hall Castle in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. While passing by, you would never imagine the interior of … Continue reading From HBO’s Game of Thrones to Regina Canada; A castle out of Westeros

Reclaimed limestone hand carved flooring

Classic Farmhouse Interiors

A farmhouse interior is an increasingly trendy style and this post showcases some pictures of a classic farmhouse style emphasizing on the role of limestone architectural elements. Needless to say, you do not need to live on a farm to have a farmhouse styled home. In fact, almost any home can embrace this style irrespective of the surrounding landscape because of its minimalism and coziness. … Continue reading Classic Farmhouse Interiors

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Irresistibly Charming French Country Style Interiors

France has long been a great leader and influence in fashion and interior design since the 17th century. So, it’s no wonder the simple gorgeous homes of old rural France have shaped the French country style in interior design, worldwide. Projecting this style from the sunny vineyards of France to your own home translates into elegant and practical chicness. Ideally, the color hue of such … Continue reading Irresistibly Charming French Country Style Interiors

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Limestone Design Ideas for Creating the Perfect Outdoor Escape

If you’re looking to create exquisite relaxing outdoor retreats, then check out the below ideas and pictures of artfully incorporated limestone architectural elements in landscapes. These elements can be used to cozy entertaining spaces or as accents for your patios, gardens, terraces, backyards, front yards and courtyards. Limestone is a sedimentary rock that is very long lasting, durable and withstands extreme weather climates with minimum … Continue reading Limestone Design Ideas for Creating the Perfect Outdoor Escape