Antique outdoor limestone pool fountain canada architectural stone decor

Some Stunning Limestone Pool Fountains

Water has been a key element of survival since the beginning of time so it’s no wonder we find it soothing to be around. Having a fountain in your home provides that comfort in style. There are so many designs and endless possibilities that you are bound to find the artistic piece that works for you whether you. Indulge yourself with some of the most … Continue reading Some Stunning Limestone Pool Fountains

Mediterranean style home reclaimed rustic old natural stone limestone living room hand carved fireplace mantel flooring canada ca Toronto BC

Bring the Mediterranean Home

When most people think of vacation, they think of a serene Mediterranean getaway; those warm earth toned stone homes. The good news is you don’t have to travel across the ocean; you can integrate the Mediterranean vibe right into your home! It could be old limestone wall cladding, flooring or a hand carved limestone fireplace mantel, kitchen hood, sink, tub, shower, pool fountain, wall fountain … Continue reading Bring the Mediterranean Home

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10 Limestone Pool Fountains to bring your Garden to Life

Pool Fountains are undoubtedly the focal point of any outdoor area. It doesn’t matter how big or small your garden, courtyard or backyard is, a pool fountain is unarguably a profitable investment to your property both financially and aesthetically. Architectural stone decor has a vast inventory of newly cut and reclaimed natural stone fountains that vary in shape and style accommodating any home and space … Continue reading 10 Limestone Pool Fountains to bring your Garden to Life