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Coastal Mediterranean Tuscan Villas; Serene Luxury

If you are a fan of serene luxury then Coastal Mediterranean Tuscan homes are for you. Nothing is closer to the heart and soul than a reminder of vacations spent by the sea. Check out these 23 pictures of a dreamy Coastal Mediterranean villa, portraying the reclaimed stone flooring tiles, wall cladding, fireplace mantels, showers, kitchen, pools & fire pits that define this style’s character. … Continue reading Coastal Mediterranean Tuscan Villas; Serene Luxury

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Bring the Mediterranean Home

When most people think of vacation, they think of a serene Mediterranean getaway; those warm earth toned stone homes. The good news is you don’t have to travel across the ocean; you can integrate the Mediterranean vibe right into your home! It could be old limestone wall cladding, flooring or a hand carved limestone fireplace mantel, kitchen hood, sink, tub, shower, pool fountain, wall fountain … Continue reading Bring the Mediterranean Home

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24 Exquisite Master Bedroom & Bathroom designs!

Check this blog out for unique and practical master bedroom and bathroom designs incorporating natural stone elements from flooring, cladding, fireplace mantels, sinks, showers and bath tubs. You are sure to find a style to your liking from Tuscan, modern, neo-gothic, French, Coastal, farm house, cottage, country and craftsman rustic. All modern and reclaimed stone elements are custom hand carved, giving them a unique edge. Enjoy! Indulge … Continue reading 24 Exquisite Master Bedroom & Bathroom designs!


Trends: Not your everyday natural stone Powder room Sinks

Looking for original powder room design ideas? then you might want to consider limestone, marble and basalt sinks and basins. These natural stones can be hand carved and custom made into beautiful pieces of art. Check out this blog for unique sink design inspiration! These works of art would have been a badge of honor in any grand architect or master designer’s powder room. Indulge … Continue reading Trends: Not your everyday natural stone Powder room Sinks