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Custom Carved Stone Mantels

With winter almost here, nothing is cozier than snuggling up in front of a fireplace mantel with your pet, good book, glass of wine or good company. Natural limestone fireplace mantels are not only durable but also gorgeous and easily adaptable to just about any home style from French country, French Louis, Mediterranean, Tuscan, English , modern, rustic and many more. This blog covers pictures … Continue reading Custom Carved Stone Mantels

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An Architectural stroll through Old Town Rhodes

Old Town Rhodes is an UNESCO World Heritage Site with over 2,400 years of unraveling history spanning over many eras, cultures and architecture all encompassed within its gorgeous Medieval walls. Ancient Greeks, Byzantines, ottomans, Jews, Italians all had an impact on the architecture of this old town where the Knights Hospitaller; under the crusader rule in the Bezantine era had the great impact of rebuilding … Continue reading An Architectural stroll through Old Town Rhodes

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Some Stunning Limestone Pool Fountains

Water has been a key element of survival since the beginning of time so it’s no wonder we find it soothing to be around. Having a fountain in your home provides that comfort in style. There are so many designs and endless possibilities that you are bound to find the artistic piece that works for you whether you. Indulge yourself with some of the most … Continue reading Some Stunning Limestone Pool Fountains


Treat your outdoor pool with antique limestone pool coping.

Ancient slip resistant flooring with limestone pool coping for all style homes ranging from Tuscan Mediterranean to modern homes. The coping edge of your pool will never be the same after being accentuated with this limestone. Due to their high potency in durability, what once held old Mediterranean structures is now salvaged to trim the edges of pools for a perfectly non-slip, and satin-like smoothness. … Continue reading Treat your outdoor pool with antique limestone pool coping.

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17 Decorative Backyard Ideas

If you are looking for natural and unique backyard design ideas then check out these inspirational photos incorporating natural stone elements from flooring, cladding, fire pits, pool fountains, wall fountains, outdoor sinks and barbecues. There is something for every style from Tuscan Mediterranean, rustic, French country, French Provence to modern neolithic. All modern and reclaimed stone elements are custom hand carved, making each piece absolutely unique. … Continue reading 17 Decorative Backyard Ideas

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Bring Tuscany to your backyard

Indulge yourself with 28 breathtaking photos of hand carved natural stone Tuscan Mediterranean wall and pool fountains. Whether newly carved or reclaimed, these water features are sure to set a soothing mood in your front yard, backyard, garden or courtyard.   Indulge yourself in our wide selection of architectural stone elements Call us at: (437) 800-8300 sales@archstonedecor.ca   Continue reading Bring Tuscany to your backyard

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Coastal Mediterranean Tuscan Villas; Serene Luxury

If you are a fan of serene luxury then Coastal Mediterranean Tuscan homes are for you. Nothing is closer to the heart and soul than a reminder of vacations spent by the sea. Check out these 23 pictures of a dreamy Coastal Mediterranean villa, portraying the reclaimed stone flooring tiles, wall cladding, fireplace mantels, showers, kitchen, pools & fire pits that define this style’s character. … Continue reading Coastal Mediterranean Tuscan Villas; Serene Luxury

Mix it up with these Modern Neolithic homes

Modern neolithic styles are one of the most popular home styles and one of the most easily achieved. All you have to do is incorporate some old world stone elements into your modern area. Limestone is not only aesthetic but also very durable so it’s a great choice to consider whether indoors or outdoors, it’s also anti-slip making it perfect for bathrooms, showers and near … Continue reading Mix it up with these Modern Neolithic homes