The Best of Sink Designs

Whether you are looking for a sink for your bathroom, powder room, indoor or outdoor kitchen, utility room, or bedroom; natural limestone, marble and basalt are durable and beautiful options.
Limestone’s earth tones, raw and rustic yet refined nature and durable material make it both practical and aesthetic and adaptable to any style from Mediterranean, rustic to modern.
It can be hand-carved into basically any shape from half-egg, sea-shell, trough, basins, his and hers and so on.
While basalt’s deep black color gives it an edgy unique look and no one can argue with the timeless elegance of marble.
Take a look below at some gorgeous pictures of different installed sink styles from Greek, Arabesque, modern, industrial, farmhouse, Italian, Italian provincial, Tuscan, French Provincial, French Louis, Gothic to modern neolithic.
Farmhouse style bathroom with Belgian Black Basalt bowl sinks
Modern style powder room with Belgian black basalt double sink
Mark Boisclair Photography, Inc.
Farmhouse style bathroom with reclaimed hand-carved limestone dual trough sink
His and hers bathroom with half egg hand-carved reclaimed limestone sinks
Gothic style powder room with a hand carved reclaimed inlayed marble sink
Greek style powder room with hand carved reclaimed limestone pedestal sink
Modern style powder room with his and hers hand carved marble pedestal sinks
French style powder room with a reclaimed hand-carved limestone half-moon sink
French style powder room with a reclaimed hand-carved marble seashell sink
Aarabesque style powder room with hand-carved reclaimed limestone pedestal sink and mirror
Provincial style powder room with a reclaimed hand carved half-egg vessel sink
French provincial style bathroom with a reclaimed hand-carved marble oval sink
French Louis style powder room with a reclaimed hand-carved white limestone bowl sink
Modern Neolithic Industrial style powder room with a reclaimed hand-carved limestone trough sink
Italian Style bathroom with a reclaimed hand-carved marble seashell double sink
Tuscan style powder room with a reclaimed hand-carved limestone shell sink
Greek style reclaimed hand-carved marble sink
Arabesque style master bathroom with reclaimed hand-carved marble sinks and wall fountain
Outdoor kitchen reclaimed hand-carved marble sink

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