canada toronto vancouver BC CA UK modern neolithic salvaged reclaimed rustic antique natural stone limestone fireplace mantel hand carved living room

Old-World Limestone Fireplace Warmth with modern Architecture

Fire is humanity’s oldest primal attraction. Whether you visualize a quiet evening with a glass of wine and a view or entertaining guests, integrating a limestone fireplace is the way to go. It makes for a stunning focal point as you can see from the below pictures.

Limestone Fireplaces add a cozy charm to your living room.
Incorporating an outdoor stone fireplace in your backyard or garden moves the warmth and social heart of a home’s living room to the garden and creates a room around itself igniting people’s desire to stay out and warm themselves by the fire.
An antique stone fireplace is elegant and timeless in its beauty.
Old world stone fireplace designs fit effortlessly in any home style because of their natural raw beauty.
From Italian farmhouse to French provincial to Mediterranean and Coastal, a rustic stone fireplace is an easy choice to go for.


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Our reclaimed Limestone fireplaces are available in countless designs and sizes
Italian Mediterranean Limestone Fireplace


A Beautiful French Limestone Fireplace
Rustic Provincial style
Rustic mantel fireplace in an exposed wood ceiling living room.


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