The Royal Pebble Beach Mansion; An Architectural Paradise

Pebble beach is a high-end residential area with world-class golf courses. Several hotels with restaurants which is earning its place in the spotlight with a thriving harbor, world-class festivals, and a fitness-loving

The sun has barely peeked over the mountains to the east, and Pebble Beach is already up and at it. In the shade of Palm trees at Gold Course parks, a group of outdoor sportsman enthusiasts inhale the fresh coastal breeze with putt in hand.

This 8 million dollars’ mansion is truly what Pebble Beach is all about. A true luxury gem only few fortunate people can dream of.2997513750_9e5304e7c6_o copy

From the interior:

From its unified use of stone elements and wrought iron to the smooth Dalle De Bourgogne flooring throughout, this space invites you to soak in the captivating ambiance of your environment.salone-arriva-lo-shabby-chic-a-milano-con-la-collezione-di-noctis

Open sun- kissed rooms offer space for communal gatherings.2997539592_2ed66ba10c_o copy

The generous dining living area is carefully designed to ease hosting friends and family with a beautiful reclaimed limestone fireplace centering the area and reclaimed pine wood beams touring above. The dining table is a stunning work of art in itself with its legs made from reclaimed hand carved limestone topped with a nicely antiqued wood plank top.2996700671_e202eab866_o copy

This mansion is now recognized as an architectural Gem.2997511364_d118afa4de_o copy

It is connected with its Mediterranean scenery and feels like it’s located on an Italian coast.4200836183_19e1abf73e_b

The moderate usage of the Dalle De Bourgogne is the beating heart of this villa with its unique and incredible earth tones. The stone is many centuries old and has witnessed the rise and fall of several empires.2997546132_d9fe0382a3_o copy

Smooth yet rough textures and amazing strength is what defines the Dalle De Bourgogne, by far, the best natural stone collection on

From the exterior:

An amazing ocean view eases the feel for this estate, the effortless lifestyle is never taken for granted.2997529522_f7383a396c_o copy

The barre Montpelier stone flooring continues from the inside all the way to the outer verandas creating running-bond lines that merges with the infinity line of the Pacific Ocean.25 Del Mar 172996691481_af1031cd4e_o copy

The wall stone cladding used was the antique Reclaimed Barre Gray Limestone Wall Cladding.

2996680463_6cac1e1554_o copy

1206_lohman_shekel_2197-Edit copy


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