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Walk through these European Entryways & never look back

Just as eyes are the gateway to the soul, entryways are the gateway to your little paradise and a reflection of a home’s interior. From simple to heavily carved, you can’t go wrong with natural limestone entryways. You are sure to find designs that suit all styles from minimalist, French country, Tuscan, Mediterranean, Italian, Roman, Coastal, Greek, English Tudorian and many more. Take a look … Continue reading Walk through these European Entryways & never look back

Reclaimed limestone hand carved flooring

Classic Farmhouse Interiors

A farmhouse interior is an increasingly trendy style and this post showcases some pictures of a classic farmhouse style emphasizing on the role of limestone architectural elements. Needless to say, you do not need to live on a farm to have a farmhouse styled home. In fact, almost any home can embrace this style irrespective of the surrounding landscape because of its minimalism and coziness. … Continue reading Classic Farmhouse Interiors

Gorgeous Tuscan Homes; Rustic &Refined

A Tuscan interior is one of the most sought after styles because of its attractive Old World European charm that can be incorporated into the modern-day home open layouts. It’s inspired by the Tuscany region of central Italy, which includes the historic cities of Florence, Siena, and Pisa and is considered the origin of the Italian Renaissance so reasonably, this style resembles it in its … Continue reading Gorgeous Tuscan Homes; Rustic &Refined

Villa of Aphrodite. California’s most intriguing mansion.

Southern California is known for its spectacular coastal areas, with sunny beaches and fragrant oceanic air. And Dana Point, a small and affluent beach town just south of Los Angeles, is no exception. The Strand, a gated neighborhood within Dana point, consisting of 118 homes including 49 Beachview (Villa of Aphrodite) is about as exclusive as a beach can be in California. Legally, the public … Continue reading Villa of Aphrodite. California’s most intriguing mansion.

The Royal Pebble Beach Mansion; An Architectural Paradise

Pebble beach is a high-end residential area with world-class golf courses. Several hotels with restaurants which is earning its place in the spotlight with a thriving harbor, world-class festivals, and a fitness-loving community. The sun has barely peeked over the mountains to the east, and Pebble Beach is already up and at it. In the shade of Palm trees at Gold Course parks, a group … Continue reading The Royal Pebble Beach Mansion; An Architectural Paradise