From Gothic to Renaissance; 11 Fireplace Styles

If you are looking for a home style with staying power that will be as relevant in the future as it is today, then consider the enduring power of a timeless classic style.

Many designers propose incorporating antique pieces to give your space a sense of history that can forever be expanded upon, and what better piece than an artistically hand carved stone fireplace mantel. They project the romantic reflection of the past and continue to be a centuries’ old timeless love affair.Architectural-Stone-Decor-Limestone-Stone-Fireplace-Antique-Reclaimed-Mantel

Traditional styles of stone mantels are enduring and resonate the nostalgic charm of an ancient era in terms of scaling and carving detail while providing a refreshing escape from today’s fast paced lifestyle.

Integrating them in a classic or modern home provides a glimpse into history where the architectural design has evolved over several centuries from the middle ages leading to today.Architectural-Stone-Decor-Limestone-Stone-Fireplace-Antique-Reclaimed-Mantel8

Greek Inspired Fireplace Mantels

Architectural-Stone-Decor-Limestone-Stone-Fireplace-Antique-Reclaimed-Mantel1This limestone mantel is a gorgeous example of a timeless classic design that draws from Greek architecture utilizing natural resources.

Tudor Gothic Fireplace MantelsArchitectural-Stone-Decor-Limestone-Stone-Fireplace-Antique-Reclaimed-Mantel-Tudor-Gothic

The Tudor Gothic design for the limestone mantel portrays the transition from the late medieval era (Gothic designs) towards more classical designs in England during the 15th and 16th centuries.

17th century French Renaissance Fireplace MantelsArchitectural-Stone-Decor-Limestone-Stone-Fireplace-Antique-Reclaimed-Mantel5

French Country Style Fireplace Mantels Architectural-Stone-Decor-Limestone-Stone-Fireplace-Antique-Reclaimed-Mantel17

A look into French country style limestone mantel conveys the simplicity sought in this era evolving from the sophistication and sumptuousness of the 17th century French Renaissance Style.

Italian Renaissance Fireplace MantelsArchitectural-Stone-Decor-Limestone-Stone-Fireplace-Antique-Reclaimed-Mantel15

Tuscan Farmhouse Fireplace MantelsArchitectural-Stone-Decor-Limestone-Stone-Fireplace-Antique-Reclaimed-Mantel13

The Tuscan farmhouse style, similar to that of the country French style in its simplicity, distinguishes itself from the sophisticated Italian renaissance design while maintain its boldness.

Louis XV Fireplace MantelsArchitectural-Stone-Decor-Limestone-Stone-Fireplace-Antique-Reclaimed-Mantel-LOUIS-XV-style (2)

The formal, hand carved Louis XV mantels, named after the French king who reigned from the age of five in 1710 until his death in 1774, are reproduced in limestone.


Italian Baroque Fireplace MantelsArchitectural-Stone-Decor-Limestone-Stone-Fireplace-Antique-Reclaimed-Mantel-italian-baroqueArchitectural-Stone-Decor-Limestone-Stone-Fireplace-Antique-Reclaimed-Mantel16

The Italian Baroque designs from the Baroque era in Italy which lasted from the early 17th to the mid-18th century are well known for their finely carved details.

Art Deco Fireplace MantelsArchitectural-Stone-Decor-Limestone-Stone-Fireplace-Antique-Reclaimed-Mantel-art-deco

Arriving to the popular bold, beautiful yet simple Art Deco Style from the 1920s and 1930s, this fireplace mantel in its minimalist contemporary setting is truly classical and elegant.


More traditional architectural style mantels

The beautiful detailing on this Italian Neo-Classic mantel is hand carved
Striking structure of Classical and Romanesque motifs is hand carved from limestone

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