Eight Inspiring Powder Room Styles with Personality

Whether small or expansive, powder rooms present the statement you make towards your guests. Being such a small-scale space provides you with the perfect opportunity to experiment with different styles. We will discuss eight of the most influential styles.

Modern Neolithic Powder Room

Incorporating stone implements into a modern setting is the key to achieving a modern Neolithic style. Embedding a rustic and reclaimed sink in a powder room with polished wood or stainless steel elements is sure to achieve this look.

Modern Neolithic powder room with hand-carved acanthus leaves marble bowl sink
Modern Neolithic powder room with reclaimed hand-carved limestone trough sitting on a stainless steel base

Rustic Powder Room

A Rustic powder room is all about integrating old-world elements into your existing style from reclaimed wood to ancient rustic stone sinks.

Rustic Reclaimed limestone trough sink in a modern application

Rustic Reclaimed limestone trough sink in a country style application

Industrial Powder Room

Industrial styled spaces integrate raw materials to give an unfinished ‘warehouse’ feel. This can be achieved in powder rooms by integrating elements like weathered wood, exposed bricks and pipes, industrial light fixtures and concrete flooring while maintaining a mix of grays, neutrals and rustic colors.

The roughness and raw feel of a reclaimed limestone trough sink is the icing on the cake for an authentic industrial styled powder room.Reclaimed-limestone-trough-sink-industrial-powder-room-canada-2Reclaimed-limestone-trough-sink-industrial-powder-room-canada

Provincial Venetian Powder Room

Provincial Venetian powder rooms aim to give an aged appearance inspired from the ancient roman world. A very exquisite unique way to achieve this is by incorporating objects embellished with the opus sectile art technique. Opus sectile comprises cutting material like marble and glass and getting it inlaid into walls and floors to form a picture or pattern.

The powder rooms in these pictures beautifully portray an inlaid opus sectile antique marble sink bringing back this long forgotten technique and highlighting it in modern homes.Venetian-Inlaid-opus-sectile-antique-marble-Sink-powder-room-canada-2Venetian-Inlaid-opus-sectile-antique-marble-Sink-powder-room-canada

Arabesque Powder Room

Arabesque design is uniquely artistic and distinguishable by repetitive rhythmic patterns of intertwining plants (branches, leaves, flowers attached to stems) and abstract curvilinear motifs.

The below powder room portrays how you can add an arabesque Mediterranean flare by showcasing a reclaimed limestone bowl sink that is hand carved with rhythmic curvilinear motifs. The limestone butcher block slab base, arabesque designed wood mirror with vine carvings and Barre Montpelier wall cladding complete this style.Reclaimed-hand-carved-limestone-bowl-sink-Arabesque-Mediterranean-powder-room

The following powder room focuses on an Arabesque Styled reclaimed wood mirror decorated with wrought iron and a carved natural limestone wall mounted console sink.Arabesque-reclaimed-limestone-wall-mounted-console-sink-powder-room-canada

Farmhouse Powder Room

Farmhouse style is unpretentious, straightforward, practical, comfortable and functional. Its charm comes from it being visually appealing and warm through the use of natural wood, soft colors, simple details and vintage accessories. What better way to emphasize a farmhouse styled powder room than a reclaimed limestone or basalt sink and the use of rustic reclaimed wood planks.

Farmhouse powder room with Belgian black basalt wall mount trough
Farmhouse powder room with Belgian black basalt bowl sink
Farm house powder room with reclaimed limestone bowl sink sitting on a rustic reclaimed wood plank

Tuscan Powder Room

Tuscan style draws inspiration from old-world Europe and is rustic yet elegant. It is mostly nature-inspired so you’ll want to incorporate wood and stone elements while maintaining warm earth tone colors. Reclaimed limestone trough sinks bring a touch of that old-world charm into your powder room with their refined, rich and gently aged look.

Farm house powder room with reclaimed limestone bowl sink sitting on a rustic reclaimed wood plank
Tuscan powder room reclaimed limestone trough sitting on a butcher block slab
Tuscan powder room reclaimed wall mounted limestone trough

French Country Powder Room

Rustic, old-world and welcoming French country styled powder rooms are casual and warm enough to beautifully fit any home. Again, natural elements are key in this style. Whether adding a reclaimed limestone seashell sink with refined curves and details or a reclaimed hand carved marble or limestone trough with its rough, rustic and raw features; this style’s charm is achieved.

French country powder room with reclaimed hand-carved marble sink console
French country powder room with reclaimed hand-carved limestone trough sink sitting on a butcher block base
French country powder room with reclaimed hand-carved limestone seashell sink


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