Gorgeous Tuscan Homes; Rustic &Refined

A Tuscan interior is one of the most sought after styles because of its attractive Old World European charm that can be incorporated into the modern-day home open layouts.

It’s inspired by the Tuscany region of central Italy, which includes the historic cities of Florence, Siena, and Pisa and is considered the origin of the Italian Renaissance so reasonably, this style resembles it in its sophistication and distinction.

Its beauty stems from the combination of reclaimed stone elements (such as limestone tiles, fireplace mantels, entryways, sinks, counter-tops, kitchen hoods, fire pits, pool and wall fountains) worn wood like rustic beamed ceilings, wrought iron accessories like light fixtures, humble earth toned decorative accessories, tall windows with shutters and enclosed courtyards.

This blog portrays the elements defining the rustic warmth, simplicity, practicality and elegance of a Tuscan home.

tuscan-style-villa-reclaimed-limestone-flooring-barre-mont-pelier-tuscan-style-limestone-entryway-tuscan-style-limestone-columns-limestone pool-fountain-reclaimed-terra-cotta-jars
Tuscan style Villa with reclaimed limestone ‘Barre Montpelier’ flooring, entryway, columns and pool fountain decorated with antique colored French tiles surrounded by Terra Cotta jars

Tuscan style villa with reclaimed limestone wall cladding and entry vases

Warm Earthy Colors of the Countryside

Incorporate warm earth toned decorative accessories, upholstery and rugs into your space opting for mustard yellows, deep rustic reds or Terra Cottas, and olive greens.

Tuscan style dining room with reclaimed limestone ‘Barre Gray’ flooring and Terra Cotta jar


The Charm of Reclaimed Stone and Rustic Wood

Tuscan homes were originally built to last and so stone and wood accents prevail throughout the rooms. Terra cotta tiles and reclaimed limestone flooring, fireplaces, interior and exterior wall cladding, entryways and exposed wood ceiling beams are at the heart of this style.

Tuscan style villa with reclaimed limestone wall cladding, vases and old wood shutters
Tuscan style villa with hand carved reclaimed limestone entryway, ‘Barre Gray’ flooring with reclaimed colored French cement tiles and wrought iron balconies
Tuscan style living room with exposed wood beam ceiling, earth tone reclaimed limestone ‘Barre Gray’ flooring, hand-carved limestone fireplace and wrought iron chandeliers
Tuscan style wine cellar with reclaimed limestone ‘Barre gray’ flooring and wall cladding and Terra Cotta jars

Beauty in the Details

Although a Tuscan home is comfortable and practical, decoration is still a key factor in its character; the gentle curves of wrought iron or the painted designs of reclaimed French cement tiles add personality.

You can also transform your current space into a Tuscan styled one by reinventing the finishing of your walls to give then a gently aged patina such as those shown in the previous photos. You can also opt for textured wallpapers or decorative painting techniques that give off an old plaster wall effect using stucco and Venetian plaster treatments.

Tuscan Style family room with reclaimed hand-carved limestone fireplace mantel, reclaimed colored French cement tiles and textured wall paper
Tuscan Style master bedroom with reclaimed colored French cement tiles, decorative wrought iron and Venetian plastered wall.

Elegant Bathrooms and Powder Rooms

The vintage-style reclaimed hand-carved limestone sinks and flooring extend the old-world charm to every room of your home.

Antique-inlaid- limestone-tuscan-style-sink With Ancient-limestone Hexagon-tuscan-style- Limestone Floors
Tuscan Style antique inlaid limestone sink with ancient limestone hexagon flooring
Tuscan Style powder room with reclaimed limestone trough sink and rustic wood base

Refined yet Practical Kitchens

The raw look of a reclaimed limestone kitchen hood, sink, counter-top and flooring shape the character of a Tuscan styled kitchen. Adding a colored rug accentuates the warmth of this space.

Tuscan style kitchen with reclaimed limestone ‘Barre Gray’ flooring, reclaimed limestone wall cladding and kitchen fireplace
Tuscan style kitchen with hand-carved reclaimed limestone kitchen hood, ‘Barre Gray’ flooring, wall cladding and counter-top and exposed wood beam ceiling
Tuscan style open kitchen with reclaimed limestone ‘Barre Gray’ flooring, counter top and exposed wood beam ceiling

Exterior Spaces

Tuscan styled homes are not limited to the interior of the home. A Tuscan style comfortably extends to courtyards, patios, backyards, porches by using the same approach that was used for the interior. You should incorporate Earth tones, rustic limestone flooring and pool coping, outdoor limestone fireplaces / fire pits, rustic columns, limestone fountains, well heads, terra cotta jars and wood beams (for a pergola).

Chasely Jeans
Tuscan style villa balcony with reclaimed hand-carved limestone columns and ‘Barre Montpelier’ flooring
tuscan-style-villa-reclaimed-limestone-flooring-barre-gray-reclaimed-reclaimed limestone wall fountain-limestone-firepit-canada-architectural-stone-decor
Tuscan style villa backyard with reclaimed limestone ‘Barre Gray’ flooring, limestone fire pit and hand-carved limestone wall fountain
tuscan-style-villa-reclaimed-limestone-flooring-barre-gray-reclaimed limestone-tuscan-style-pool fountain-canada-architectural-stone-decor
Tuscan style villa courtyard with reclaimed hand-carved limestone pool fountain and ‘Barre Gray’ Flooring
Tuscan style reclaimed hand-carved limestone wellhead with decorative rustic wrought iron
Villa Biondi. Castiglion del Bosco
Tuscan style Villa with reclaimed limestone wall cladding and ‘Dalle de Bourgogne’ pool flooring


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