Roses are red, violets are blue, Our stone benches are just for you!

Gardens offer a timeless escape from daily responsibilities, a place to sit, relax and unwind. There is something heartwarming about limestone benches in gardens where people have long shared endless conversations, strangers have become friends and lovers have lingered. Bringing this into your garden adds soul and undeniable coziness to it.


If you’re searching for top of the line world class antiqued limestone benches or modern state of the art benches that would seamlessly integrate within your garden, Architectural Stone Decor is home to high end reclaimed and newly-cut European and  Mediterranean limestone benches.


Our extensive expertise extends to custom carving stone benches to accommodate your desired size and style down to the finest carved detail with superior quality.


Rock solid and appealing to the eye, these stone benches last a lifetime and can easily fit in most landscape designs. Be dazzled by scrolling through different designs and styles of antiqued limestone benches. Antique-limestone-hand-carved-benches-outdoor-garden-10Antique-limestone-hand-carved-benches-outdoor-garden-9Antique-limestone-hand-carved-benches-outdoor-garden-7Antique-limestone-hand-carved-benches-outdoor-garden-6Antique-limestone-hand-carved-benches-outdoor-garden-5Antique-limestone-hand-carved-benches-outdoor-garden-4Antique-limestone-hand-carved-benches-outdoor-garden-3Antique-limestone-hand-carved-benches-outdoor-garden1


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