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An Architectural stroll through Old Town Rhodes

Old Town Rhodes is an UNESCO World Heritage Site with over 2,400 years of unraveling history spanning over many eras, cultures and architecture all encompassed within its gorgeous Medieval walls. Ancient Greeks, Byzantines, ottomans, Jews, Italians all had an impact on the architecture of this old town where the Knights Hospitaller; under the crusader rule in the Bezantine era had the great impact of rebuilding … Continue reading An Architectural stroll through Old Town Rhodes

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17 Decorative Backyard Ideas

If you are looking for natural and unique backyard design ideas then check out these inspirational photos incorporating natural stone elements from flooring, cladding, fire pits, pool fountains, wall fountains, outdoor sinks and barbecues. There is something for every style from Tuscan Mediterranean, rustic, French country, French Provence to modern neolithic. All modern and reclaimed stone elementsĀ are custom hand carved, making each piece absolutely unique. … Continue reading 17 Decorative Backyard Ideas

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Bring the Mediterranean Home

When most people think of vacation, they think of a serene Mediterranean getaway; those warm earth toned stone homes. The good news is you don’t have to travel across the ocean; you can integrate the Mediterranean vibe right into your home! It could be old limestone wall cladding, flooring or a hand carved limestone fireplace mantel, kitchen hood, sink, tub, shower, pool fountain, wall fountain … Continue reading Bring the Mediterranean Home

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Outdoor Limestone Pavers to Die for

Whether a garden, terrace, backyard or courtyard, flooring is the foundation of your style. Outdoor flooring needs to be durable, easy to maintain and aesthetic. Natural limestone flooring fulfills all of these criteria. Its dense nature and texture make it durable withstanding heavy traffic and severe climate change with minimal maintenance. While its earth tones and different possibilities of installation (running bond formation or random … Continue reading Outdoor Limestone Pavers to Die for

Roses are red, violets are blue, Our stone benches are just for you!

Gardens offer a timeless escape from daily responsibilities, a place to sit, relax and unwind. There is something heartwarming about limestone benches in gardens where people have long shared endless conversations, strangers have become friends and lovers have lingered. Bringing this into your garden adds soul and undeniable coziness to it. If you’re searching for top of the line world class antiqued limestone benches or … Continue reading Roses are red, violets are blue, Our stone benches are just for you!

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Flooring Tiles; Make the Blonde Choice!

With so many flooring types available to choose from, people often find it very challenging to make the best choice that suits them. After all, it will be quite the hassle should you change your mind. So whether you are renovating or starting from scratch, take your time and educate yourself on your different options. Limestone flooring is natural with earthly tones, durable and can … Continue reading Flooring Tiles; Make the Blonde Choice!

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Walk through these European Entryways & never look back

Just as eyes are the gateway to the soul, entryways are the gateway to your little paradise and a reflection of a home’s interior. From simple to heavily carved, you can’t go wrong with natural limestone entryways. You are sure to find designs that suit all styles from minimalist, French country, Tuscan, Mediterranean, Italian, Roman, Coastal, Greek, English Tudorian and many more. Take a look … Continue reading Walk through these European Entryways & never look back

Eight Inspiring Powder Room Styles with Personality

Whether small or expansive, powder rooms present the statement you make towards your guests. Being such a small-scale space provides you with the perfect opportunity to experiment with different styles. We will discuss eight of the most influential styles. Modern Neolithic Powder Room Incorporating stone implements into a modern setting is the key to achieving a modern Neolithic style. Embedding a rustic and reclaimed sink … Continue reading Eight Inspiring Powder Room Styles with Personality